This project is a collaboration between the three Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – in preparation for the Market Focus of the London Book Fair 2018.














LAIMA STASIULIONYTE is a Lithuanian photographer who kindly agreed to grant permission for the use her photographs in this project. Laima is interested in portrait, body and nature photography. She works for VOX ART interview based arts magazine and takes pictures at various cultural events. Laima worked with the poet Ausra Kaziliunaite on her latest book I am Crumbled Walls (2016). You can see more of her photographs on at who are you.



SKIRMANTE RAMOSKAITE is a translator, editor, creator and a cultural worker. She has kindly agreed to help as a publicity assistant to this project. Skirmante has received her BA in English Philology from Vilnius University, she currently lives in Vilnius (Lithuania) and works at Lithuanian National Culture Centre as a senior specialist for the intangible cultural heritage. She also cooperates with a sound recording studio as a copywriter and has been an assistant to various cultural projects based in Lithuania.




LUCA SCHIAVONE is an architect trained at the Polytechnic of Milan and UCL London. He works at Oxford Architects and specialises on education, commercial and domestic projects. We are incredibly grateful for his assistance with graphic design matters.