BALTIC WOMEN WRITERS TOUR sheds light on the most extraordinary literary talent from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The programme aims to uncover and highlight the emergence of women’s writing in each country, to analyse Soviet legacy, and to give a stage to contemporary women voices from the region. 

The initiative hails from Lithuania as a collaboration between Oxford based publicist and agent Erika Lastovskyte and Lithuanian Culture Institute. It has been possible thanks to the kind support from Lithuanian Culture Institute and Embassy of Lithuania, International Writers’ and Translators’ House Latvia and Embassy of Latvia, and Estonian Literature Centre and Embassy of Estonia. The organisers are indebted to their partners and friends in the UK including Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation Programme and Waterstones Booksellers.

LITHUANIAN CULTURE INSTITUTE is founded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. With Director Aušrinė Žilinskienė the institute focuses on presenting the literary scene and its artistic transformation in Lithuania within the last hundred years: from times of political repression to the autonomy of a modern, democratic state.


ERIKA LASTOVSKYTE is a publicist, translator, editor and journalist. She has received her MA in English Studies from Vilnius University and currently lives in Oxford (UK). Erika is a creator, developer and manager of various cultural programs and projects. She is a recipient of the individual stipend from Lithuanian Council for Culture and is currently involved in promotion of Lithuanian literature in the English speaking countries.